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Xyra Gray | February 14, 2020 | 0 | Advertising & Marketing

When social media platforms colonized the world by connecting every person on the planet, an old type of marketing got a boost. Digital marketing evolved into something more profound. An influencer marketing speaker can advertise products in a more personal way than on television.

Whether one way or another, social media marketing has branched out to influencer marketing as a new taste in digital marketing.

The Influencer

Nowadays, people are either watching television or on social media. That’s a cycle for most people. It’s either Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Snapchat. In every platform, there is always this one person that you always look forward to seeing. It’s not your crush, though.

You always look forward to seeing this person’s posts and stories. Whether it’s about make-up techniques, gadget reviews, vlog (video blog), or just any how-to video, this person might’ve created an impact on how you think or even how you see things in life. And that person is what you call as the influencer.

The influencer is an inspiration to their audience, which is why they must uphold good moral behaviour in their appearances on social media. Their career is built on audience follows and subscriptions. One insensitive post can destroy their career.

Other influencers can be an influencer marketing speaker. He (she) does speaking engagements about influencer marketing. Think about it like as doctor teaching medical students to be doctors.

Influence Marketing

In marketing theory, influence marketing a branch of the social media marketing that uses product mentions and endorsements in their daily posts to the audience. Youtube is a leading platform where influence marketing flourishes. An influencer marketing speaker can post videos of his (her) live shows or even as simple as posting a video and talking about a topic.

This type of marketing became popular because it moved the consumer closer to the product. Influencers may sometimes try the product and give a review about its effects. This kind of marketing can never be achieved in television commercials.

How Influence Marketers Earn

The social media earns through advertisements. For example, a brand decides to advertise on Youtube. The brand will pay for the air time it will get. The price of the air time will vary depending on the length of the advertisement and where will it be advertised.

An influencer advertising speaker will post a new video on Youtube. Advertisements may appear at the beginning or middle of the video. However, the brand can decide which account they want their product advertised.

When chosen, the advertisement will play either before the video starts or somewhere in the middle. In return, Youtube compensates these influencers based on the volume of viewers.

Other brands may approach the influencer themselves. In this way, the influencer will talk about the product, and the brand will pay him (her). Youtube, however, is not involved here. Regardless, the influencer just earned a nice amount of cash.

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