Tips on how to clean your commercial kitchen equipment

Xyra Gray | August 16, 2019 | 0 | B2B

When you are in the food industry, it is crucial that you sanitize the areas of your restaurant, not only your dining area but also your kitchen. The kitchen must always be clean because this is where all the food preparation is done. Now, when cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen, some owners often take the commercial gas burner for granted.

If you consistently clean your commercial gas burner, you will enjoy the following benefits.

Energy efficient

Most types of commercial cooking equipment lose their efficiency when they are dirty or clogged. For gas burners, when the gas ports are clogged, the flow of gas is affected, giving off weak flame. In worst cases, there will be no flame.

Prevent pests

If you don’t properly clean your equipment, the grease and bits of food can result in pests, such as rats, ants, and roaches. These unwelcomed inhabitants are known carriers of salmonella, listeria and other diseases. Aside from the diseases these pests bring, their presence can turn off customers and will cause you to fail a health inspection.

Gets rid of molds and dust

Other food contaminants that you do not want on your food are dust and mold. If you are not careful, these can accumulate on your cooking equipment over time. Mold, just like bacteria and other microbes is a form of biological contaminant, and when ingested can cause food poisoning, allergic reactions, and even death.

Prolonged life for your equipment

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your grillers and burners can prolong their life. Cleaning dirt, grease and bits of food off these kitchen essentials can prevent rust, corrosion, and damages, prolonging the life of your commercal robata grills, fryers and gas burners.

Here are some tips on how to clean your commercial grills and burners:

1. Clean your equipment daily.

As much as possible, wipe off bits of food and grease off your equipment right away. If your kitchen is too busy throughout the day, at least wipe off all the food residue with the use of a soft sponge at the end of the day. Clean off everything to prevent bacterial growth, attracting pests, rusting and corrosion on your equipment.

Do not forget to remove residue on your crust or grease tray. Residues left on your crust or grease tray can ignite and may even start a fire.

2. Do not use alkaline, caustic, and abrasive cleaning solutions

These cleaners can damage your commercial deep fryers, grills, and burners. They can leave a bluish cast and scratches on your shiny cooking equipment.

3. Never use a scouring pad and steel wool

These two can result in scratches on your metal cooking equipment. If there are hard to remove stains, try to remove it with a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaner.

4. Reseason your equipment’s cast iron grates

Reseason the cast iron grates at least once a year or as soon as you see peeling of the cast iron’s seasoning and if there is rust.

Your commercial gas burner, deep fryer, and grill are crucial in your food business; therefore, it is only necessary to keep them in tip-top condition. Aside from the given tips above, you can always check the manual of your cooking equipment for their proper maintenance and cleaning.

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